Friday, September 26, 2014

Armed to the Teeth...

The Falcon is done for now, there are a few things I'll be adding to it down the road but for now I'm going to let it sit for awhile.
 I finished up the underslung guns and the windscreens. I don't usually glue them in, since I paint the cockpit I want to be able to see them.
 I finished up the gems and added some of the other details in.
Put a little more detail into the vents and energy..
 Went with a Secret Weapon base instead of the standard clear GW base.
 The back still needs some details done to the controls but that can wait till later.
 I think it came out pretty decent..

 The Secret Weapon base all painted up..
 Here is the comparison of the new Falcon to the first one I ever painted haha.. Just to remind me how old it was the scatter laser broke off when I picked it up. 8\ .. I had repainted this one at least 5 times trying to find the color scheme I liked.. funny looking back at it..

 I just started looking at the other ones and thinking about all the stuff that's going to be going into the complete repaint. Sheesh,...

And the comparison of the old look and the new look.. it was clean but needed to be blended a lot more .. I'll be blending in the color accents like I did with the Falcon.. Prism = Red, Wave Serpent = Bone, Falcon = Purple, Night Spinner = Green

I'm probably going to wait a little bit before I start though..  haha

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