Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nova GT 2014

In addition to playing in the Trios I also threw down in the GT. I had no aspirations other then that my army would look cool. I might get my butt kicked but I can at least look good while it's happening haha..  This year I didn't read any of the missions or the new Dex's that came out, I just full on winged it. Never even tested the list haha.. I had a good time playing and met some very cool people..  I've pretty much posted all my pictures so sadly nothing new on that front. There were some pretty wild lists there this year and Knights were out in full effect.. 5 Knight lists, 3 Knights with 3 Riptides..  Some pretty strong lists..  but lets get into the games..

Game 1 - Necrons
Lost as we ran out of time and my reserves were only finally starting to come on. A close one at the end.

Game 2 - Wolves
I played Ben and we had a very cool game. Thankfully I had enough guns to kill his Thunderwolves before he could get to me and punch my face. haha.. My Flyers took out his gunship and after that I could use my speed to run and shoot giving me the win. Was a good fun game.. And was nice to hear about the new Dex from his POV.

Game 3 - CentStar
I played Kevin and got extremely lucky. He didn't get Gate or Invis so he was going to have a harder time getting his Cents up to do their damage. My gunline poured out the lead and took out enough of his mobility to give me the advantage. He was an awesome player and very cool guy.. I got the win taking me to 2 and 1. He originally brought the 3 Knight / 3 Riptide list but one of his friends wanted to play it. Was a good way to end the day, playing a very fun game and pulling out a win. We BS'd a little after the game about some of the top lists and jobs..

The first day was a solid day and while being tired I still had a little energy haha.. Sadly the third day wasn't to go as well..

Game 4 - Grey Knights / Knights
This was a very fun game and it went back and forth finally coming down to the last turns and a brutal fight in the middle. His Knight was guarding the Relic and I had to get some stuff in there and survive. I charged his Knight with the Wraithknight who completely wiffed.. then got stomped and died. The game continued and I needed my Wave Serpent and Dire Avengers inside to just survive. I knew it was going to be a tough one.. they didn't make it .. Was very fun and we had some people watching the fight at the end.. it was a nail biter haha.. great fun game..

Game 5 - Necrons/Inquistion/Deamons
Another tight fun game, Chris was very good and his list was tough. For everything I'd kill he'd replace it with a new squad of Daemons haha.. I couldn't keep up with the numbers he could put back on the board. And with it being a table quarter game he'd just drop them were needed! Halfway through the game I sat down and that was it .. The 8th game in 3 days was taking it's toll... My tank was now on empty haha. I tried to man up but most of my rolling was now performed from the chair. In the end I got all my secondaries making it closer then I thought it was going to be (I thought I was no where near that close) .. Ended up be 8-9 loss but again another awesome game with a good player.. was fun even with me running out of steam halfway through it. 8)

Game 6 - White Scars/Guard
I had nothing at all left for this game and was thinking of just quitting but figured that wouldn't be cool so I got a MTN Dew and bucked up as much as I could. It didn't even matter though .. My first two turns dice were Abysmal and his hand was Hot... he even apologized.. but thats luck and in a way it was good. I didn't have to think too much as there was no way I was going to come back. We BS'd about kids and Malifaux some and in the end I think he won 7 to 2 or 4 or something like that haha..

While we were playing Mike B came over and asked me to take my army to the back for detailed judging which was on one hand awesome and flattering but on the other TIRED.. 8) .. I pushed it back there and set it up and got to talk to a lot of cool people which was very cool. That is the part that I like the most about the events. Talk to people about the painting and hobby aspect or going back to the old days and talking about rules and editions past. Sadly I didn't get top three but wasn't really surprised. Some of my army is highly detailed but the Serpents were painted ... well some up to ten years ago and before the airbrush. I think one of my yearly goals is going to be to repaint all of them to a higher standard. The details are decent on them but there isn't as much blending as I would like.

Thursday and Friday night we all grouped up for dinner and it was another awesome time talking about all the old days haha.. Greg, Evan, Sean, Will, Chandler, Andrew and myself mixed between the nights. It's always fun to talk about what you've seen out there or how you did day or what crazy stuff that's been going on .. a good decompress. Then it's zombie walk back to the hotel and then bed .. exhausted. Well.. I'm sure all the younger guys go back and get into something else but for us 40+ guys it's night night time.

I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures but with everything going on I totally didn't have the time or completely forgot. Thankfully Greg was on hand taking a crazy amount of pictures. He posted some more today.. check them out!   You the man..

Thanks to everyone I played for the games and good times..

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