Friday, September 12, 2014

It's a ga ga ghost..

 Part of the Super Nova package you got a $20 off coupon for the store downstairs which was pretty cool. I picked up the "No Shelter Here" box, I've been wanting it and since it was pretty cheap with the 20 off I grabbed it. I was going to go with some different colors but I usually don't paint bright greens .. so ... I'm staying with the normal colors.

 I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for the bases so looked at Secret Weapon but didn't feel like waiting so I made my own brick bases. I had some plasticard already so I just had to cut them.
I measured the base insets then cut them, glued them and then painted them. It didn't take much time and now I have the bases I need. I'm getting the base colors down then I'll glue the models down. I'll spray a little over glow from the ghosts as well. I got all the models together and had to liquid GS some of Pandora and Candy but they look decent and are primed. Let me just say WOW .. Candy is small! haha.. I knew she was little but didn't think it was going to be by that much.

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