Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Get to da FaCon...

 Last night I got a little more done on the Falcon... I thankfully have all the Airbrush work done and now it's onto the final detail work.
 Here was the ugly mess of masking that I was using on the veins and targeter ..
 I masked up that turret six ways to Saturday.. I sprayed a bunch of stuff on it and that meant mask.. remove.. clear.. mask.. remove.. clear.. repeat,.....................
 I haven't painted the white lines on the turret, well I haven't repainted them. They are there a little but but most have been painted over. I also haven't done any details on the stones just their basic colors but there are plenty to do..
 I was going to add a symbol and some more bone to the front/main chassis but I'm pretty sure I'm going to scratch that. I don't want the tank to look too busy and I think if I went with more stuffs it could take it over the line. I added some purple designs to the laser and added some to the mounting.
 On the bone sections I added some of the vein look to it to make it match ..
 So... right now it's pretty close to being done. I'll have a long night with the gems ahead of me but at least it's close to being wrapped up. I would never had guessed this was the next project I was going to work on. I wanted a Falcon to be in the garage but had no plans on making it a prioity. It's been a great tester for updating my Serpents and other Falcon

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