Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yeah,. I'm ominous...

Wanted to get some of the Command Kit Termies built up so started putting them together last night. They aren't going to be armed with the Knight weapons but why would you not use the robed bodies (other then they are a bit static after the first set haha but I'm sure with some snipping that could be taken care of). They just look too awesome not to use. I got 3 1/2 guys built up. I wanted the Halberd guy built as I will be running him in my Deathwing list. He really does look menacing, the hoods really add to the over all image of the guys.

and needed another Assault Cannon Termie so built him up..

He kind of has the come at me bro stance haha.. The sword icons on the barrel of the AC is pretty cool looking, a lot of nice small details in the Command kit.

For the more standard guy I went with one of the stormbolters from the Vet set, figured it'd mix it up a bit and still keeps all the details in it.
I'm thinking I'll be using this guy as Belial as I don't really like the new model for him. I'll be adding some more details on him and I need to adjust the arm to fit with the robes. I want to use the vertical power sword. I'll also be using the cloak and few other extra bits to kit him up to look like he is the leader of the DW.
The Apoth will be next and the rest of the guys will probably just be standard PF and SB.