Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Search continues..

I got the rest of the Deathwing built, they will fill the rest of the slots I need for the list I built up. There are multiple looks of the list but they all have roughly the same compilation of terminators in it.

16 Terminators including Belial are pretty much kitted out as below.. there may be some mods here and there as the other parts of the lists may require them to fill a varied role.

DW Command w/ Champ, Apoth and a Chainfist
5x DW w/ AC
5x DW w/ AC

I so wanted to put a Powersword on this guy but I don't need another one at the moment haha He was the last of the robed guys I needed to build up. But the Sword looked really good ..
I also added this guys right arm at level.. the Sword will be sprayed so that will go on afterwards.
I had two sets of the legs from the Vet Kit so I could make up the other two Termies I'd need. A standard guy and the Apoth. 
The Apoth and well pretty much all of them need the little detail bits added. But I mainly wanted to get them together and then I'll go back and see which ones I think need some extra awesome added.
Having the extra legs was pretty sweet, adding two more Termies into the mix with the other Command chest pieces. So if you are building up some remember that each DA Vet box has a set of Termie legs not to mention some arms and other bits.

With all the DW built I started to work on their bases. They are also going to have the deep forest look to them with reddish brown/black mud and dark green undergrowth and grass. They will also have some flagstones scattered about. All the details of Caliban make me think of towering forests and Castles .. so figured that will work for them. Right now they might look crazy as they are just the bits of added flagstone.
I then started to pin the feet but got tired so only got the one done haha
When you think about it, jamming paper clips into a brothers feet would hurt. Alot. haha not to mention a paper clip to us is like a piece of rebar to them, sry guys but it's for you own good! I swear!


  1. How come you go through the trouble to pin the smaller plastic models? Just extra durability? I only have ever pinned larger stuff.

  2. It's really based on if I'm going to be doing more airbrushing on them and how I will be basing them. I'll be starting the blending with the airbrush and the bases I'm making will be uneven. To increase the bond I'll usually pin them to to give them that little extra hold. 8)

  3. Ahhhh... that makes sense. I've never done that kind of detailed base work. Good to know. Thanks!