Monday, February 4, 2013

Adaptable Thermic Combustor Reactor

This weekend I started blending on the Rhinos. I needed to figure out what colors I was going to use to get the look I wanted. So far it's a mixture of three Greens and Trans Black.

Opaque Cobalt Green Hue
Transparent May Green
Transparent Black
Vallejo Green Zinc Chromate

Starting with Black Primer and going back and forth with the colors, it was more playing around then just sitting down to get it done. But I think it's well on it's way. I sprayed up two Rhinos and the Dread I got built.
I finished building them all the other night. So they were my tests.

I added icons to the first tank and then thought it a better idea to wait till I get the rest of the tank done then I'll spray/paint the icons off the tank then attach.

At first they were looking a little to spring like haha.. so I started working backwards. and pushing the dark green back in. I'm going to hit the edges a little more (highlight) and then I think it will good. I need to cut the stencils out of transparency paper and then hit them up. I also cut filed and cleaned a Predator and Drop Pod.

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