Thursday, February 7, 2013

Line up Suckas

I really didn't get much done on the Dark Angels as I've been trying to get the Orks and Nids done for the Kill Teams. I got the Orks pretty much done but the Nids still need some love which I don't know if they will get as the game is tomorrow night. Either way it's not a biggy.

The Tacts are pretty much ready for some assembly line work. I'll be going along and hitting them up like the two finished guys in the front. I was able to knock them out pretty quickly so it shouldn't take me too long to finish the two squads. I started on the Sarg but he's no where near done. Cranking out the standard guys always seems to drag along so that's why I want to try and get them finished in one fell swoop!

Here's the Dread with the basic colors sprayed on. Now I'll go back in and start working on all the details, not sure if I'm going to edge highlight this guy or not. It might make him pop a little more as the greens are dark but with the blends on him I'm not sure it will be required.

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