Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No cuts, no butts, no coconuts

Knocked out the Tactical Sarg last night. Wanted to take a break from the group painting so worked on this guy. I spent a little more time on the Sarg but still finished him up pretty quickly. There are a few areas I'd touch up like the tabard but as they guys are more quickly done I think this will be it for him. He's ready to melt some face. Definitely a cool looking mini, and one of the highest quality from the DV set.

I had to order me a new brush yesterday, I've been using a Raphael Kolinsky 2/0 brush I ordered from Secret Weapon Minis for the past year. And it's held up like a champ but after a year of solid use the bristles are definitely showing wear. So I ordered two new brushed from Secret Weapon, it did me well and don't see myself switching up. I also have a few DeVinci brushes but the bristles are no where near as strong. I tried to use them the other night and wasn't too happy with their performance compared. They aren't bad but not as good as the Raphael, for me at least. The Raphael bristles are stiff enough to keep their shape with very little deformation while holding a large amount paint.


  1. Beautiful work, mate! I really dig how that turned out. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks! .. there are few things that could be touched up but it's cool.. really just want to get the Tacticals done. 8)