Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kill the Baddies

This Friday night I'm running a Kill Team Event at my local gaming shop and I needed to build up some baddies. In the game there are bonus chests that are all around the board and if you capture one you flip it and the number tells you what you find. It could be bonus points or it could be a huge explosion. It can also be hidden baddies. That being said I needed to get some more baddies ready for the game, they will consist of Tyranids and Orks. I already have a Brood Lord built and painted but also needed some Gene Stealers, I also put together a Warboss and some Nobz that will be jumping out to punch some suckers in the face.
Last night I built and primed them, I'm using the Stealers from the Space Hulk game and the Orks are from the AoBR set. So they were thankfully easy to build but was a good bit of cleaning involved. I don't think I'll be getting too much paint on them but I'll at least get some base coating on them.
I've been going full bore on the Dark Angels so it was a nice break to grab something else but it does break my focused streak of painting/building. All good. At least the baddies are ready (built at least) to be bad.

I also worked on the base of the Nephilim and put the basic debris on it, it needs some of the texture paint and color added but I wanted to at least get it started.

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