Monday, February 18, 2013

Tread Heads

This weekend I worked more on the Rhinos, getting the stencils sprayed on both tanks. I still need to do some touch ups on them and then start working on the details. Let me just put up a reminder to all, if you are spraying on the stencils, don't forgot to clear coat the tanks first. Makes cleaning up over spray easier, I as per usual forgot haha .. I was doing multiple things so just taped and started spraying then thought.. hmm .. didn't clear. Oh well. Not too big a deal just adds more work. Spraying the stencil on the side doors can be a little tough with all the rungs on it. You will get a fuzzy line more times then not, just as a heads up.

The first Rhino has icons on it but the other will be added after they are spayed and painted.

For the second Rhino I tested weather I was going to go with the edge highlights or not. After I added them it really makes it pop so I will be going ahead with it. So far it only has the edge highlights above the light housing.

They are moving pretty quickly which is cool. I want to have the Tacticals and their rides done first so I can start working on the more exciting models. So far it's been pretty boring going doing the rank n file guys in number. The tanks are always fun so that's been a break so that's cool.

I have all the basics completely done on the Tacticals.

So basically it's just details left on these guys a well. Fading the greens in, working on the red and bone colors. I'll seriously be glad when these dudes are done, although it's good for me to break out of my scattered approach. This is the first time I've painted so many guys in one go, the Sarg's will get a little more love but in general they will be all the same. It will be nice to have the backbone of the army painted up and done, normally I start on all the cool guys leaving the standard guys quickly sprayed. I still have way too many Blood Angel troops waiting for paint haha.. not to mention a good many Dire Avengers!

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