Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back and forth and forth and back

They start on the left and then they head to the right
and then they will start to head back

Thats pretty much what's happening with the DA Tacticals. Started applying a layer of Caliban Green so they moved right, Black Wash left, and Black paint right .. it's pretty much back and forth. They are coming along but it's pretty much doing the same thing over and over which is getting old haha. Thankfully the basics are almost finished and I can move on to details. I was hoping to finish up the black and move on to reds last night but my son had different ideas. He wouldn't sleep last night so I had to keep holding him but they are getting closer at least.WHooT!


  1. Looking good, man! Always interesting to see how others organize their workspace. The DA are coming along nicely!

  2. Thanks I'll be glad when the rank and file are done. Always more fun to work on the detailed guys 8)