Monday, February 25, 2013

The Lion and the Wolf

Got a game in this weekend and got some painting done as well. Just posting up the picks of the finished Plasma guy. I'll be finishing all the bases at the same time so no grass at the moment. But another Tact down.

As for the game I took my new DA List there to test it out against a friends Space Wolves. Sadly the list he built didn't allow me to test everything the way I wanted to but that it a way can be good. It makes you see what it can do when there are extra factors. It's a heavy alpha strike list with Belial and 10 Termies with Apoth, Champion and AC as well as a Dread w/ MM and Flamer in a Pod. John didn't take any vehicles in his list and had two HQs one being Njal which were clumped up. I said screw it and went right at the heart of his army DS'n right behind Njal's squad. Pod and Dread coming down right in front of them. Fire and bolter put a hurt on his squad and then had to wait. He DS'd Wolf Guard Termies right in front of my backfield but the pod landed right in front of my heavy hitters. A LAS Pred, two Tact Squads with ML and Plas but 5 DW Termies. He fired at a Rhino but failed to pen with the AC on two hits. My return shooting was weak but still a lot of AP2 taking his squad down to 1. The fight was mainly with Belial and the SW HQ and squads. They were kitted out Wolf Guard so it was a pretty equal fight. I was also lined up badly so my attacks were going against Storm Shields. I did cause him to break twice and run but it was always on my turn so it was actually a help to him. The whole only Space Marines can regroup then act as normal is BS, I know my BAs and some of the DA I have can but still see it as an inequality in the game. They should just be fearless or auto regroup but still have to form up or something. For them being the only army that can do that, is kind of silly. Sadly Belial was killed by Jaws but his Wolf Lord was Pulped by a powerfist. Haha.. it was a pretty heavy fight going on..

The other thing I got from the game is..... The Nephilim is WAY over priced. I know a lot of people have been talking about it but in the game it stood out. Only 20 points cheaper then a Storm Raven but is no where near as strong. For those points it should have either 2 TL LAS or 2 TL HBs. It seems like it's more of a ground force killer as it has the strafing run and all but it doesn't have enough firepower to do any real damage. If it survives the next round it's going to most likely fly past the last target. To me it should either have it's points dropped to some where in the 130 to 140 range or add that weapon.

It was a fun game and the Lion took the win with 3Obj to 0. A good test game for me and John, I'm running a Tourney this weekend at Chucks Comics and he wanted to get some play time in. I wanted to test my list and see how some of the units would preform. So it was a win for both of us.

Upcoming: I'm building up a Predator and taking shots as I Magnetize all the guns. I know there are some out there but I figured I'd make one as well. Hopefully it's helpful.

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