Wednesday, February 27, 2013

That's right.. I'm pointing at you!

Worked on a bunch of stuff last night trying to get the army ready for Saturday. I'm running a Tournament this weekend and a friend is going to use my Dark Angels. I want, What You See so it will make it easier on him as he's a new player. I started putting some paint on the Vets, Dread, Predator and Termies. Nothing really got finished but I did get a bunch started.
I got the base coat of Green on the Predator and also started spraying the Terminators. I'll blend them down some for the Tourney but I don't think there will be many details added. Just want to get the spraying done before I attach them to their bases.

Also sprayed the 2nd ML dude I needed for the army.
Not a lot of exciting stuff today. haha..

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