Friday, February 8, 2013

Wha we got here Boyz?

Here's are the Baddies all ready to punch some faces. Only about 5 hours from start to now on them, they aren't polished, there are some sections that didn't get love like some hair and a few skulls but I'll probably touch them up down the road. I just want them to look decent for the Kill Teams tonight. Sadly the Nids are no where near down haha..  just didn't have the time to get both to a respectable level in the time I had available. But they at least have some color on them which is cool..

Here's Big Boss StealToof.. because he has steel teef .. 8) I ended up going with this head because it reminded me of Lockjaw from He Man and that made me smile. I figured Orks are just as goofy as the Masters of the Universe and they'd go together swimmingly.

And his boyz ..

Again I think they look decent but with a little more love they'll finished off looking smart. Two words you usually don't use to describe Orks..

As for the Nids they are going Stealth mode .. at least that's what I'm going to say 8)

I've also built up a few lists in case some people show up with no Minis..  Hopefully it will be a decent game tonight. Kill Teams always ends up being pretty fun.. and that's what it's all about ! 

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