Friday, February 15, 2013

Take, these broken wings..

Last night I cut out the templates I made for the DA Rhinos. After cutting the top and side out I sprayed one of each to test the look and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Now I need to do the other side and other Rhino. With the template it doesn't take long to get a pretty decent look. I usually go back and touch it up with a brush though, since you aren't using the template on a completely flat surface sometimes the plastic with rise up a little. If it does so it will give you a fuzzy edge and usually with a little touch up is fine. The side doors have a bunch of raised details on it so it can be a bit more difficult.

Tape up the Template when you have it where you want it.

The tape will hold it in place and hold it flat mostly. You'll probably need to press it flat with your finger or manipulate it around details. Remember to only spray straight at the template to keep the edges clean. If you don't have an Airbrush you can just brush it on using the template as a guild. I have a how to stencil over there on the right menu.

The cleaner you cut the template the more exact the image will be. I had a couple of mis-cuts so I'll have to do a few touch ups.

I thought I had posted up the templates I made for my Blood Angels awhile back but I must not have. So I'm going to post up the Dark Angel Templates as well as the Blood Angel Templates. They are measured out to fit the areas on the rhino chassis.You should be able to print them out and then just cut them out and will fit. Enjoy! I hope they are helpful..

Dark Angel Sword Rhino Top Template - Large and Small
Dark Angel Sword Rear Door Template
Dark Angel Side Wing Template - Hard edge and Rounded

Blood Angel Rhino Top Template - Large and Small

Blood Angel Rhino Rear Door Template
Valkyrie Wing Template