Monday, March 19, 2012

Who stole my arms?

This weekend I was really all over the place. I was sitting here thinking about it and was surprised by the amount of differnet things I touched. I worked more on the Contemptor, Land Raider, Scorpions, JP BA, a Bastion, crossing planks, some other buildings and few other things here and there. I always say it but I really need to focus. But I'm trying to get ready for a Kill Team event I'll be running on April 1st so I want to have the Scorpions done to use in it but I also want the table to be full of buildings and terrain. I've been building and painting up a bunch to get it ready for the game, hoping to have the table looking good..

The Contemptor is coming along and I'm really happy with it so far. I started spraying it with some trans black and worked on some of the shadow areas. I also did a little on the Land Raider since I still had black in the air brush. Then I worked on the base, I wanted to get it mostly done as it looked crazy him standing on a big white block haha. I was still working on his arms so most of these pics they are detached.

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