Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Violence is your point of view..

I finished up the Deimos last night .. It was on the cusp but I needed to get the icon painted on the top doors. I finished up the turrets and guns then made a rough stencil for the icon. Once I had it on there I finished it off with the brush, then painted on the numbers. All that was left was to weather the additions and blend it all in.

This was a pretty fun build. The kit is pretty decent but as I was saying in an earlier post make sure you think it all the way through before building it. I tried some new techniques on this tank and was pretty happy with the outcome. So the rest of the vehicles will look similar to this tank which means the Land Raider and at least two Razorbacks. I also started building the Relic Contemptor last night.. I got a secret weapon base to drop it on but building the dread is a pain though .. I wanted to make sure he looked cool but it was tough then expect because he was taking his good ol time to stick 8)

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