Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rip and Tear..

Last night I worked more on the Scorps.. I want to have these done for the Kill Teams Event so last night I pretty much focused on them. Other then a little on a BA's JP but that was on my wife. She loves to come into my painting room right when I'm painting the most detailed part haha. This time I just grabbed a JP and started to shade it while I talked. But.. the Scorps are almost done. They still have some details to go but a few more hours and they will be complete.


  1. These are beautiful. My son wants to do his scorpions like Emperor Scorpions and this is similar to what I was going to suggest he do, if you can imagine a 10 year olds version of it ;) O was trying to get an irridescent effect with purple drybrush in one direction an turquoise in the opposite. The black wash on the test model has killed it a bit but maybe a gloss varnish would save everything?

  2. A gloss varnish would give it that wet (buggy) look, also Vallejo makes a pretty cool metallic called Gunmetal Blue ..
    It gives a decent irridenscent look. Maybe then go over it with a Purple Wash? It might do it ,. I just blended him with multiple shades of purples and the Comm Art I use gives him a glossy look.. which does give him a glossy wet look but I'll probably hit him with Satin to bring it down a bit. I use the airbrush to clear so I can bring some areas down while keeping others glossy 8)

    Getting an early start!! My daughter is only 15 months old and I already think about her painting with Dad. 8) Or making fun of him haha