Monday, March 26, 2012

Traversing the Stars..

This weekend I worked a bit on the Jain Zar Conversion I had started. Some good and some bad ... I worked on getting her Shoulder Guard and forearm/hand together. Worked on getting her head on her body but that is the bad part. It was a hectic weekend of sitting down getting up, sitting down getting up .. when that happens I forgot where I was and didn't notice her head is still too high. So she now has a super long neck haha ..  which now leads me to having to remove the GS I started layering on and clipping the neck and post. That will  suck but I can't stand that long neck look sooooooo I'll be breaking her apart. Blah..

I also started working on the Farseer conversion I've been wanted to play around with. I picked up the High Elf from the Island of Blood box a while back and wanted to convert it to a Seer. I've since seen a bunch out on the net so it's not that original anymore but I think it will look cool when finished.
I chopped his head off and the end of his staff. Since I won't be using the Original Jain Zar Executioner I chopped off the blade and posted it to the staff body. I'll be using a Seer head I have and I'm still in debate over the pistol arm. Right now it's a banshee arm but I might try to find a better Seer arm. If not I'll probably GS something on to it, I also sanded down his chest and will be adding runes to it for a more Eldar look.

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