Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a Hard Knock life..

Last night I worked on more terrain and a few odds and ends. I'll be playing Eldar for the Kill Team game but I'm also going to being some Guard along in case someone wants to play but have no mini's. Stormtrooper models are some of my favorite in the GW line and by far the best in the standard guard line. I put them in every list even though the really don't do much haha.. As I was looking at them I realized they are more basic then I thought. They need some more shading and a little more color but I wanted to keep them dark as they would be running in the shadows preforming wetwork duty for the guard. I need to go back and do a little touch up here and there .. so many things I "need" to do .. haha.

I was also working on a refinery of sorts .. I wanted it to have a destroyed work site feel.


  1. I agree with you. They are some badass looking models (minus the sarg.. I prefer helmets and guns over sword models any day). Nice paint job. I like the green goggles against the dark armor.

  2. They were the reason I even picked up guard .. that and in 4th Ed you could run an Armored Company with Tank Aces and what not .. was pretty cool. Thanks man .. the paint job is so so .. but I'm happy with the overall feel of them.. I was picturing them moving through the dark and all you'd see is their goggles .. 8)