Friday, March 23, 2012

Bolt to the Face or Blade to the head,. either way, you're dead.

The Vanguard Vets were some of the first Mini's I ever picked up for my Blood Angels. I painted one but now looking back at him he needs an update. But I do so love these sculpts and this is one of the old metal mini's. He's one heavy SOB for sure but still prefer that to unfinecast .. Why couldn't GW just fork over that little bit more cash and go plastic? Oh well.. 

I've been painting this guy up slowly in between painting other things and now that I have the Scorps done I figure I'll just finish him up so he can move on to the shelf. He's pretty close to being done I just have to finish the metal areas, mostly the sword and on the JP and some other smaller bits here and there. Normally I glue a washer to the underside of the base but since this guy has a slot I won't be able to. I guess I'll have to find something else suitably heavy to put under there! Hopefully I'll have him completed over the weekend! Speaking of which .. everyone have a good one !

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