Friday, March 9, 2012

Complete Contempt ...

I've been working on getting this guy built and ready to rock but he's been dragging. I also wanted to magnetize him for the many reasons we do which added another level of difficulty. This guy is a pain to build, to me at least. I mean yeah sure I could just throw him together to have him built but spending that much coin on him would then be a waste. We want the model to look cool right? Paint is one of things that makes the mini look good but so is the way we pose him. The look of motion really goes a long way. Sooooooo I want this guy to look good and posing him and then gluing him in that pose plus adding magnets .. sheesh. 8) It took awhile with all the seperare ball joints but it does help when posing him. Thankfully I do like the way he came out so far.

I put the magnets on the arm and shoulder connector so I can remove and replace them. I have the plasma and melta arms as well as the fist. I should have ordered the LAS thinking about it now as that will be the main gun he probably uses but it won't be a big deal. Order it, Magnet it .. and he's good.

The Resin also takes long to bond, or maybe it just seems like it. But I've been building this guy a piece at a time. feet and legs. Torso and back. So forth and so forth. But thankfully he's almost complete. I just need to add on the bits to his fist and melta. I also purchased the cyclone launcher for him but I'm not sure I'm going to use it. He's on an urban secret weapon base and I had to GS a few places that were thin or damaged but over all he's in pretty good shape. The Melta Pic below his arms are out a little wide but he's gluing there and he's on magnets so I can move them around a bit.

That's it for today.. have a great weekend!

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