Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Extend the boarding planks..

I've been talking about the Kill Teams Event I'm running and I've been working on getting Terrain together and painted .. at least a bit. We really want the board to be packed with Terrain and cover so it has a full on city feel. The table will be 4'x8' and everyone will be playing at the same time, which right now is looking like maybe 12 people. Should be awesome!

But anyway, I wanted people to be able to access building to building without having to run down to the ground level and then back up with every building. They won't be everywhere but I want them around. I made some of them out of wood and then thought hey they shouldn't all be wood so I broke out some plasticard I had and made one with girders and diamond plate .. I haven't done much with paint on them yet but I think it looks pretty cool. Next will be to put some color and weathering on the planks.

I also built and started painting the Bastion my friend got me for my birthday 8)


  1. Getting all that terrain ready is a lot of work and a thankless from one of the twelve, "Thanks!" looking forward to playing.

  2. all good .. 8) I was hoping to get more done last night but I had my tooth pulled 8( I'm just now finally feeling a bit better ..