Friday, March 16, 2012

Of Tooth and Claw..

A couple more Dusk Wolves built up .. the other guy with a Mark of Vengeance (Wolfin) and a few other Hunters. I really need to type up all the background info for them and post it up but I've been busy with a lot of other stuff and I never seem to have the time. Anyway,..  I've been trying to keep a very fluid look for my latest models. I want them to have a realistic feeling of motion. It takes longer to build them but I think it really makes a big difference..

Mark of Vengeance Hunter - Ex-World Eater, so gave him the Chain Axe and Zerker Legs with Wolf body, head and bolter.

He's taking a break from melting faces to throw some pineapples.. He's a mix of Wolf and Standard bits.. I wanted to mix up the Melta guys and figured he'd look good tossing a grenade.

It's not always about the flames..  when they get close you just have to shot them in the face. Wolf chest and BP, standard Flamer and legs with an old school Back.


  1. Nice poses man, love the originality of them all. Would like to mention you in my Blogger's Best series.

  2. Thanks .. glad you like them. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out so far. Now I just need to get some paint on them haha .. Sure, thanks 8)