Monday, March 12, 2012

Never saw it coming..

I'll be running a Kill Team event on April 1st and I want to have all the models painted up and ready. I should be working on other things but it appears I lack focus. 8) .. I need some more Rangers finished as I want to use all the newer models. I'll probably be running 5 scorpions as well which I'd need to get finished up as well. haha ..

I would have completely finished this guy up but I had a few issues. This past weekend wasn't the best for me and on Saturday night I pushed my chair back to stand up to get a drink and one of the wheels fell off. I was not prepared, I started waving my arms like wild and if I had wings I would have taken flight. Thankfully I regained enough balance to spin and stand up but I pulled something in my back and now my chair is broke. I'm just glad I didn't hit the ground haha.. So now I need to finish the blending and his backpack.

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