Thursday, March 1, 2012

Up on blocks..

I've always liked this terrain piece and when it was released again I had to pick one up. It's been sitting there calling to me the past few weeks and I really couldn't say no anymore. Down the road I'm probably going to paint up a few Crimson Fists and wanted to play with some blues and figured this was a good test. I could play with the colors and not really have to worry about it. Its a wreck so even if the colors weren't exactly what I wanted it was fine. But I'm pretty happy with the color, and now have an idea of which colors I'll be using and in what order. Only thing that sucks is as I was cleaning my Badger I dropped the tip which is very very small and it's now gone. I heard it go bouncing but have no clue as to where it stopped. So I had to break out my Paasche Talon.. I forgot how much I disliked this brush. The way the tip is setup it seems to clog up a lot. So I'm forever cleaning it. I used my Badger Rage for the larger areas and only used the Talon for the fine details to at least finish it (but I ordered the parts and with Amazon Prime they should be here tomorrow!). So.. it's coming along, I still need to do some weather on the tank and some work hear and there on the landscape.

I really like this piece .. don't know why .. 8)

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