Monday, March 5, 2012

Before you see the light, you must die

I've been trying to clear everything off my table that has been sitting there waiting to be done. And some stuff has been sitting here awhile now, it needs to get finished and put on the shelf. One of those is the DC Squad I've been working on.. I have 4 of the 10 built and painted and 4 more built and needing paint. So I started working on these guys, The first is one of my favs and I wanted to do something a little different on his sword, I'm going for a more cloudy look. Like the energy is trapped in the blade not just on the surface. It's not done yet but I think it has promise. These guys are about 50% done at the moment. I need to do some blending all over and then start on the detailing.

He's rocking a cropped DA powersword..

 The rest of the guys are a bit more standard in their builds ..  This guy has some Sang Guard parts, DC bits and a Bezerker sword.. But he might not need it.. he can just headbutt and kill with that helmet 8)

The last two guys are pretty plain Jane .. I built them back in the day as I need to field two more 8)

Though I will have to say the Deathmask is creepy looking to me, don't know why it just gives the model a crazy feel. But as he's doomed to die, I guess it's appropriate he wears it. Even if it has no affect .. haha

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