Thursday, March 15, 2012

I snuff a souls light..

Last night I finished up the hooded Ranger I had been working on and realized a few of the other Rangers still had a Satin finish. So I brought those down and sprayed them over with a matte clear to bring down the sheen. I also realized I made the squad closer in looks then I had anticipated, I wanted them to all look different but I think I liked the look of the grey cloaks so much I kept on with them. Except for the loan green dude haha.. So now he stands alone .. I'll have to paint up a few more in grey to make them all look cohesive and then I'm going to make another set that is completely different. Probably one in snow gear and a few other looks. They will go with the one I'm blending into the diorama I suppose. Otherwise I'm happy with the look of them ..  I so love the Rangers..

The newly finished guy..

And the crew.. now with Matte Finish haha.

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