Monday, June 3, 2013

Stop messing with my emotions

This Saturday past I played in the 1K Tourney I mentioned and it was a very good time with a lot of good players coming out to throw down. I was best painted (no prize or anything), but still very cool.

Sadly I was beat from the night before, my son got up at 3am and it took me an hour plus to get him back down. He's cutting two top teeth and it must have been hurting him a good bit. So by the time I made it back to bed I was awake and took me awhile to finally nod back off, then my daughter woke up. haha.. sweet! Got her up and got breakfast then started to get ready. My Mom was having a yard sale and I said I'd help, so I took a few things over then came back home and got my Son then we went back to hang out with my Mom. After a few hours I made $30 (whoo hoo haha) and then went home to put little man down for a Nap. Got all my stuff together kissed the wife and headed for the shop.

I got there at 11:45 and was pretty tired already and had to jump right into the first game against GKs. He seized and put a real hurting on my DA and Seer, sadly I didn't notice till the second round he was shooting though a wall with no LOS. Whatever I didn't care, I just started to maneuver as much as possible and even hopped on his Ageis Gun with my Jetbikes haha..  The time limit was getting close and were on the last turn. Sadly I didn't read the rules well enough and thought he won 2 to 1 .. neither of use getting the relic in the middle. I said cool all good, good game. It wasn't to the 3rd game that I was sitting and reading the rules more. There was no VP for First Blood so we were really 1 to 1 .. tie.  I don't care but nice to know even after a devastating first turn I pulled out a nice tie.

Second game was against SW and he was running a lot of Termies. Thankfully my Bladestorm (4th ed Bladestorm) Laid a ton of wounds on his Drop Pod'd Termies wiping them out. Sadly the Wraithlord didn't do much all Tourney, he did kill a couple of Termies but fell to the Wolf Lord. The best part of the entire event was that Runes of Warding got their final kill. His Wolf Priest killed himself while trying to cast Jaws. I know he wasn't as happy as I was about that but it was nice to get that in before the new Dex completely ruined them. At the end I think I won 5 to 1.

The last game I knew I had very little chance to pull this out. I played my friend Josh and told him that I would have a hell of a time killing all his Orks to even drive him off one objective. To hurt even more it was a kill point game plus Objectives. I was down from the start and as usual when I play Josh I roll Terrible. The WL couldn't even glance his battlewagon with his BL allowing Josh to just drive right over. I ran for the Objective with the WL dual flamed the Orks on the Objective. I should have killed a ton but I think 5 or 6 died. Really? .. I should have stood there and let him come to me or flamed him again but I knew I was going to lose so I just ran in to punch some stuff. The WL only killed 2 Orks in 3 rounds of CC. Sucked ..  oh well I wasn't expecting to pull that one out haha. lost 6 to 2..  him putting the hurt on me and netting those KP/VPs.. it was a fun game and used up the last of my reserves of energy. haha

I was 1-0-2 but after what I mentioned in the first game was really 1-1-1 ..  not too bad I think for Dar at 1K.

I picked up the Dex, Psy Cards, Wraithknight, 2 Flyers, Wraithguard, Seer and Illic. I'm not going into the full details now that will be later but all I can say is I hate the new Dex. HATE IT. Yeah sure there are a few decent things in there but as a whole it's fail. Overcosted and the worst part for me is they didn't fix the things that needed the most love. Most Aspects still won't see the table and it might even be worse then before. That will be the end of my short rant, the long one will follow soon.

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