Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Last night I got the time to finish up the Crimson Hunter. It seems the final details always make me take pause, I'm going to paint some ruins on it but where is the question. The kill ratio will be near the canopy but the main craftworld symbol I use is proving to be more difficult. There isn't a large plain surface that I think it will look good on. haha.. But whatever.. it will be figured out down the road.
I finished up the pilot and attached his head. I've haven't glued the canopy on yet, I was out of the glue I use on clear plastics so for now it's just sitting on there. Hopefully I can pick some up before I play on Sat., Then I put on another coat of clear to smooth it out.

Sprayed a little color on the inner engine thrusters..

The other night I forgot to clean out my airbrush. That sucks... never ever do that! Especially with Vallejo Poly Primer.. I picked up my Airbrush and went to slide the needle back and nothing.. umm what? I looked in the cup and was sad .. very sad. It had dried to a wonderful hard mess. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and still .. crap performance. So last night I gave both my gravity feeds a Simple Green bath..
This morning before heading to work I scrubbed them and left them to dry. Hopefully they will back to normal.

And since I had the Simple Green pool I dropped the Reapers I procured from Ebay in.
Tonight I'll break out the scrub brushes and hit them up.

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