Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Luck is one of my skills..

I sprayed the back section of the Jet Bikes with Trans Black to darken them up. I think it ties them together much better. I glued the sections together and now it's time to start working on their riders.  I'm bouncing around a little on stuff but more to keep it from getting boring. Painting a ton of the same thing over and over again can get old haha.. Better for me to mix it up so I keep my motivation high 8)

I'm liking them but the only thing that will throw me off is the mix between these and the older bikes. I'll have to fight the urge to repaint the old ones. I don't need anymore mini's to paint. 8)

On the bikes themselves it's really only details on the gems and painting the designs on the front of the bikes. They will also have the flamejob I used on the older bikes. I didn't get all that much painting done because I started to clean the three War Walkers I picked up. And that took me way longer then I counted on.
Seriously took me an hour and a half. They had a lot to be cleaned but they are now ready to be assembled. I may have to order some more magnets for the guns though, I don't think I'll have enough to magnetize all the gun options. I also cleaned the plastic Farseer which I will be using to make the Seer on Jetbike. I don't really like the positioning of the mini but it will be nice to have a Seer that's easy to convert now. I'm still not sure why they made another mini that looks just like all the older models. They really could have made something new and cool.

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