Thursday, June 13, 2013

Slippery like a snake..

I finished cleaning my airbrush last night and got it back to working as normal. So, since I was spraying I figured I'd work on a few things that needed blending with blue.

I got most of the blues done on the four remaining jetbikes I have un-built. I'll be painting white flames on them to match my existing bikes to keep them uniform. But thankfully I have them close enough to put them together for the test game on Saturday.
Also got my OLD support platform sprayed. I really wish I would have taken a picture of this things original paint job. It truly was terrible haha.. but it was one of my original mini's. Some of the old purple is poking out on the gun barrel, if you don't know this what a Scatter Laser use to look like. A Civil War era gattling gun haha But let me say back in 2nd Ed this thing wreaked shop, They weren't part of squads just solo purchases. It would sit in the back with three Dark Reapers raining death on the Eldar's enemies. Even if it didn't hit it would scare them into moving, and if it was my friend playing his Squats on bikes they would die do to turning hahahahaa..dwarves aren't so hot with bikes..
The second Crimson Hunter got some love as well. I need to go back with the shadows to deepen the colors. Thankfully I got most of what I wanted done finished last night. I was all over the place really but it knocked out a bunch of the little things that needed doing.
The Spiders have their bases textured and ready for some serious painting. They will most likely be the next group of mini's to get paint slapped on them.

Tomorrow I'll list some of the units I want to test this weekend. I need to figure out what I like so I can determine it's foot print for the display board.

And for a little more info on the soaking Reapers.
I really don't know what this kid did to these things. There's so much paint on these guys, I've easily gone through three layers. I don't know if there are any clears in there but man are they thick and I'm pretty sure at least one primer later is the red auto primer. It's nasty. This is what the Simple Green originally looked like (below).
It's a nice green, now it's a diarrhea brown. I scrubbed some off but put it back. It might take some Goof Off to finish the job. Simple Green will remove most acrylics but for whatever primer he used  its going to require some solvent based cleaners. Thanks homie.. I'm glad you protected the metal of the miniatures with 3 pounds of mixed paint.

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