Friday, June 28, 2013

Laying it all out..

I've been trying to figure out a design for a gaming display board I need to build for Nova. Though it's not the most original idea I wanted it to be a Webway Gate. That's how the Eldar would deploy and so I was thinking of making it look like an old abandoned gate. I want it to be mostly intact but overgrown with vegetation. I will make it more separate pieces then a solid base I'm thinking so you'll see separation and growth coming through it. The base itself will be mostly undergrowth like it's the top of trees. I'll have to measure the basic foot print of my army and then determine how big the design will be. Sadly it will take some time to build it and I need to get going.
I'll probably be making it out of MDF and then applying some plasticard and plaster. I want to line the bottom of the upper level with LEDs or other light source. Just a lite glow, nothing too crazy.

This Saturday I'm going to squeeze in another test game with my friend Josh against his Orks or Daemons. Either way it will be a different style of army to play and I want to see how some the units I'm thinking of using perform. Hopefully my rolling will be decent so I can get a good idea of what to expect. Last night I worked on getting the War Walkers together.

Thankfully it didn't take too long to get the three WWs mostly together. I need to glue on the feet and legs to pose them. The weapons will be magnetized and I'm short so I just ordered 100 small Magnets for the WW's and Wave Serpents. Once they get here I'm going to Mag the Weapons so I can use all the load outs if I ever want to.
Since I'll be playing I sprayed a coat of clear on the Jetbikes and the Warp Sipders.
Having a little more time left I painted some bone details on the spiders. Not really too much done but since I had the time figured I'd throw some paint on them. When I get a long stretch of time to sit down and paint I"m going to work on getting these guys done.

And as a heads up if you use Army Builder they updated the other day and you can build 6th ED Eldar Lists now.

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