Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Travel the strands of the Warp

Last night I worked on the spiders a bit. I was trying to get the majority of the base colors done but it's a lot of spiders. And still I'd need more, I want to run two squads for Nova. I got the main colors done on the primed only spiders and did a little touch ups on the already painted ones. I did leave the red to yellow fade on the guns to get an idea of what I really liked best. Seeing the large group of both green and red let me look at the group as a whole and I'll have to say I like the green much better so that will definitely be the color of choice. Never really looks like a lot got done when I do a bunch of base coating haha... I know it is a lot but never looks like it.
Thankfully I can knock these guys out pretty quick I think. One or two decent painting sessions and I'll have them mostly done. But like I was saying I'll have to buy at least 5 more, which kinda sucks with the fact they didn't release new models. I was hoping to wait till the Biel-Tan Supplement came out which I'm hoping will mean new Spiders. I really don't mind the mini's but it would be nice to have a bit different pose or two haha..

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