Monday, June 24, 2013

The Way is Clear

Saturday night we got in a Kill Team game and though we didn't have a huge turn out it still ended up being very fun and I got to actually test some of the new rules and units.

I ran:
8 Dire Avengers
3 Shinning Spears w/ Ex, Star Lance

Thankfully I was rolling pretty decent up until I went against Josh and he used his hateful mojo to make me roll 1s. I swear he knows Voodoo, but thankfully his Dice Rolling was also affected haha..

I got some decent data about the units and let me say they both did well. Dire Avengers are very strong with the Battle Focus and in Kill Teams they were brutal. Sadly it was a ton of run rolling though, in KT's each model is a separate unit so you roll (in this case) eight times. But they put the hurt on Space Wolves and vanilla marines. My friends were yelling for me to stand and fight but why would I do that haha..   I jumped out and unleashed then ran and hid. There is a lot of terrain on the board for KT's so that does help but still. Sadly even with BF and 18" Range you are still going to be in range of Marines with bolters so you are still going to get hit but hopefully only the once. Either way, with the a ton of shots you are going to get some AP2 in there and I was getting a decent amount (though people were rolling cover saves like no one's business haha) and no save it pretty nice. I didn't face any Termies but the same thing would have gone down as the cover was typically 5+. So most likely I'll still be running these as my main troop choice. Wave Serpent are strong tanks so I suspect you'll see a lot of them on the table. They aren't a CC delivery unit but they can unleash a lot of firepower and with the Shield and Holo Fields should have some staying power.

The Shinning Spears also did well but you really need to get up close and I'm not sure I really want to be that close. With a large squad they could be pretty brutal against most units but they are most likely going to have to suffer a round of shooting. If they had the ability to add a Lock to the group and he got Conceal off they'd be good. They would be a nice surgical strike unit, I could see them being very useful against Tau. Shoot and charge, if the unit survives you should be able to last their round of combat then Hit and Run. Shoot and charge again if need be. But I'm thinking you are really going to need the full nine to really be devastating.

It was a very fun game and was all friends playing so it ended up with a lot of smack talk going on. I pulled out the victory with a large margin in Victory Points but at the end it was really down to model count. My friend Dave and I were going at it in the middle of the board on top of the Landing Platform. Thankfully the Avengers took out two of the three Scouts up top then ran back off the platform (thank you Battle Focus). That took Dave to break numbers and ensured me the victory. Josh got to try out the new Dar Dex running Scorps and Rangers, that Scorp Claw at I value put a hurt on Dave's marines. It really is a killer.Then his Rangers Shot my Shinning Spear Ex with Shoulded and killed him with me rolling a 1 for his 2+ cover save! BAH. I did get revenge though, I zoomed the other Spears over taking out 4 Scorps and his remaining Rangers as they broke. TAKE THAT! 8)

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