Thursday, June 6, 2013

They're bugging out!

Last night I worked more on the Crimson Hunter, I was going to use the more broken up pattern I use on the Falcon chassis but after I started blending this guy I was really liking it so I think it will stay like this. I'm going to draw on the white out(in)lines on the puter to see if that breaks up the look or not. If it does I'll scratch that and just go with the smooth even look it has now. I do really like it so it might be hard to break that up 8)

Primed then painted and blended. It's a mix of four different blues with about six layers of blending. I'm going to go back with a little more of the shadows on the right (looking at it). I wasn't sure if it was too much and wanted to eye it up but I think I'm liking the heavier shadow look. Still thinking on it though.

I'm really liking the look so far but it's just the blue blend at the moment. After figuring out the final colors I'll start going back in on all the details. I'm also trying to think on the glow color I'll use on the guns and some of the vents. Was thinking purple to keep with the color scheme I have but something stand out could also look cool. 8)

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