Friday, June 7, 2013

I am the shadows..

Because I'm sneaky and stealthy, and because I'm only primed black. I was hoping to post up the pictures of the Crimson Hunter progress but didn't get to take some pictures of it. After this weekend I should have a lot of it done. Yesterday I added the lines, painted the thrusters and the intakes some. It's actually coming along quite quickly. But back to Illic.....

I got him together the other night and maybe it was just a lucky model but let me say this is by far the best Finecast model I've ever purchased. There were no bubbles or air pocket deformations, it looked like it was suppose to. I was really dreading opening this guy as every other FC model I've purchased has taken a lot of time to repair and has been a mess. Hopefully this is good news that FC is finally getting better. The only thing I'd recommend is to add some weight to the bottom of the base. His weight is distributed over the base, he doesn't actually fall over but if lightly taped I could see him tipping over easily. Just a recommendation. I also want to work on him a bit this weekend if time allows.

I also got all my unpainted Warp Spiders together. I have four and an Exarch painted up already, they are a bit old but still look ok. Way back in 3rd these guys were pretty BA and I used them alot. They will look similar to this but I'm also going to update the old look as well.

They look decent but could do with some love. In the new Dex these guys are actually pretty good again so they will see some table time for sure. I want to run them as an 8 or 10 man squad, that's a lot of fast moving Str6/7 monofiliment death.

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