Friday, June 21, 2013

Strip it down

I posted a few pictures the other day of the Dark Reapers I've been stripping. Normally I just soak mini's in Simple Green which works great unless you run into Enamel paint. For that I usually break out the Goof Off.
Goof Off is no joke. So I'll throw out a little warning about it. DO NOT USE IT ON PLASTIC. I was working on the mini's as I was doing laundry so wasn't really thinking about the bases. I sadly left the bases attached to the Reapers and wow, those bases were brutalized. They were only soaking for about 10 mins but that's all it took haha..  I picked up the first Reaper and the base melted in my hand. It was a mess and was actually burning my hand haha.. brutal. So I scrubbed real quick and then took a shower to remove the burnt plastic. That's something you never really want to have to say!

It did do a number on the paint though 8)

They are almost ready for primer again. I'll clean the edges a little more and then they will be all primed up.

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