Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I got a little paint on my spiders last night. My Son is sick and was having a rough time sleeping so I only had a little time here and there as I'd keep going up to rock him back to sleep. I didn't want to work on anything that would require a lot time or effort. It was mainly splotches of dark blue, purple and some light browns. I also put some color on Illic but didn't get any decent pics of him. I really wish they would have released new Spider models. I don't hate them as much as most people seem to but it would be nice to have a little different pose. When I look at them in a bunch I feel like they are all in Warp Spider bootcamp..

I also picked up my Limited Edition Eldar Codex. My friend ordered one for me but wasn't sure if he'd actually be able to get it in store, but it did come in so I traded the normal Dex in. So lets review what you get for that extra $50. You get a slip cover (above).
You get a bound bookmark.
And a numbered letter.
So .. not much. I purchased the LE Rulebook and it has a good bit of extra stuff in it. Mostly pictures and story but cool none the less. I'd say this isn't really worth double the price though. With the Iyanden Book coming out I won't be buying the LE version of it. The Limited Editions are cool and all but not worth the extra money you spend (they just rely on nerds being nerds and want that limited item..  guilty as charged). I could have gotten a box of Wraithguard for that. In my opinion they should sell a paperback version for $25.00 and a Special Edition which would be the Hardcover (for $50). That would make it stand out as really being something special, the separate letter is the only thing that appears to be limited to me or at least numbered. The book itself isn't and appears to be exactly the same with a slipcover added a bookmark glued in.

So my recommendations would be to just buy the standard edition and save yourself some money. Or more to point spend that money buying more miniatures haha

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