Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Warhost is ready..

The Host is all painted up and ready for their final outing of the old codex. It could be a tough one, I think there will be a Daemon player and a few other decent players. The Dex is long in the teeth and a bit costed so we'll see. It did well the time I tested it, but if I run into a strong CC army (Daemons) it could have some issues. Plus I'm not sure if I'll have enough firepower to whittle down any blobs (in cover).

It's a small 1K tourney and on 4x4 boards so it should at least be quick games. But the store needs to barrow my gaming boards and terrain so I will be taking a ton of stuff again. Tonight I'll be fixing some of their terrain that got damaged so there should be plenty. I'll also be building some new stuff for them as they are looking to expand their gaming section and have asked me to spray it up for them to look decent.

Should be a fun time ..

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