Monday, May 13, 2013

Tooth and nail

Another completely hectic weekend which lead to little painting getting done. But I did get to complete another shelf. And while I'm happy with the finished product I don't know how much I like the setup, having all my larger models in one place is nice but it takes up a ton of real estate. Which also leads me to, damn I have a lot of miniatures. Over the years I've picked up more and more armies which is fun but wow. I'm to the point of running out of room and I still have a ton of stuff not even built. And when I say a ton I mean it haha..
I'm thinking of ordering some battlefoam trays for my 720 and just storing my vehicles in them so I can stack them and save space. Looking at my stuff is fun and all but it really doesn't help me out in my limited space. Plus it makes it easier to grab and go.

I also started on the other and final shelf.

Once this is done I'll be finished with my storage constructions. Thankfully. I like building stuff but it's been a lot of stuff lately.

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