Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Total Focus

Last night I got a little time in and pretty much was touching up numerous minis. I glued the Converted Seer's Spear arm on and did a little detail work. I'm still trying to figure out some of the smaller details but he's pretty close to completion.

I also worked on a few older models as well. The Seer I added wanes to, he originally had a a lot of yellow on him and I'm trying to remove most of that as it's not really in my color scheme.
The gems were all yellow and looked decent but I'm going to move him over to reds and purples like the rest of the Dar in my force. I'll also go with a purple for the plume on his helm. Other then that it's just some updating of details and cleaning him up some.
I also started to blend the old DA Exarch


It was a mostly blue night, since I had it out I just started to go with it. I'll do that a lot, pick a color and work on that color for whatever model is close haha.. sometimes it's a good thing and sometime it leads me to painting something I had no thought of painting.. oh well.

Someone has the new Dar Dex and has been posting the details out there. Some are pretty cool but some are not and I'm getting worried about my Seers. I know it's not the whole picture yet but I'm worried they are just making the new models (expensive) the best to get the sales in. And it sounds like a lot of what was bad still is.. sad. I'm hoping the whole picture will shine but a lot of the details are looking like ugly mud.

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