Friday, May 3, 2013

And everywhere dead men fall

Typically Thursday nights are TV nights for the wife and I but she had to go to the store and that allowed me to get some stuff done haha 8) ..  I got a good bit of the Revenant's Torso together, thankfully the Super Glue grabbed quick and so far has a good grip. He's starting to get heavy and it's causing his torso to lean back, so that may mean he'll be glued in place. I didn't want to but the pin can't hold all the weight it appears. Either way he's moving along, now I have to figure out his arm positions. I glued the rear head section together and now the face place can be removed pretty easily.

He's so big he doesn't fit in the light box haha ..
I also got all the base colors done on the DA and started to work on blending the blue on another one. It will take a little time to get them all blended but I like the outcome.

I haven't done any of the lighter highlights. I was starting on the mid colors and then had to call it up. As I was painting them last night I was thinking about the other DA I have painted that is at least decent colors. My old school DA Exarch. You don't want to see the original DA Troops .. they are some crazy colors, mainly because they were the only colors I had hahaaha.
I painted this guy in 91 I think .. he's showing his age for sure. I remember painting the banner free hand and was all about it. I even went to a store to get real parchment which I'll have to say is holding up quiet nicely. This is one guy I am thinking about redoing ..  I wouldn't touch the banner because it did take a lot of time and even though it's ify looking it takes me back to the days of yore. 8) When my time was my own and could do whatever I wanted ... days long gone indeed.

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