Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Webz is on firers...

The Eldar Codex is getting closer and closer, and there is a ton of information out there now. A good bit of pics and rules people are picking out of those pics. It's pretty wild how much people are geeking over it. First thing I have to say is I do really like the Flyer, though I may make it a combo of both for the final look I'd go with. The biggest disappointment is the fact that we aren't getting new jetbike models. And that really does suck, it sucks hard. I have a butt ton of old jetbikes and some that I even "converted" back in the day by giving them Dire Avenger bodies and heads. But they look so bad, they are old and are showing their age. They are better then the originals which I have a few of (YUCK). I'm sure they will release them in a second wave down the road but I think they missed a big opportunity here. Hype for Dar hasn't been this high most likely ever and jetbikes seem to be a big part of the new Dex. New models mean more sales and I'd figure GW would want to be all over that. 

A couple of nice things I've seen out there is the return of the Reaper Rangefinder and Warlocks have real Psy powers again (at least it looks like). Some vehicles seem to get upgrades to their BS so they can shoot better then a standard guardsman and the run and shoot feature sounds pretty cool. That Dex can't come soon enough.

Some of the sad things I've read people say "The Aspects are still very specialized 8(" um... that is the whole purpose of Dar. And that is what typically made you work at building a very solid and focused list. And it's funny reading some peoples comments, I can tell who has been playing Dar for awhile and who is looking for Allies. People focusing on the army as a whole and those who are looking to cherry pick the lately greatest.

I'll have a lot of painting to do in the next few months. With me planning to play at Nova this year I want to have a fully well painted army with display board. I've never really worried about that but I have a couple of cool ideas I'd like to do just to have a really cool looking display for my Dar. Once the Dex comes out I'll have to figure out what I'll be using so I can figure out the size and setup of the board.

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