Friday, May 24, 2013

Kick the tires..

 I finished up the Vyper and Jetbike bases.. I think they came out looking pretty good. Looking at the new Vyper I painted I think I'm going to be touching up the old ones. They are looking a bit faded and I didn't have my airbrush back then. I have three more Vypers to be built and I have a few ideas for details on the front section so I'll probably test it out before I build the rest.
I know some people were looking for new Vypers but I for one like the model, hopefully they get a more survivability.
I really wish they would have revamped these bad boys. The Harley look really is dated and doesn't give the sleek speedy feel. But they are at least better then the original ones, I took a few pics of all my built ones.
I didn't realize how dusty some of these guys were haha

Again they are old and their paint jobs reflect that. But the worst of them all are these.

I hate these damn things haha.. back in the day they were I had. Then I ended up getting a real good deal on a bunch of them so I think I have another 8 sitting a box.

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