Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last night I worked on a variety of stuff, I cleared the Revenant before I move on to the next step of him. I wanted to make sure the tape doesn't pull off any paint, I left the tape on his feet a little too long and it did pull some patches even though it was 3M painters tape. So now I'll have to touch it up too. Either way I'm going to start working on some of the details soon. They are saying the Wraithknight is going to be 9" tall so he won't be that much smaller then the Rev. So I'll have 2 big dudes to get done.

I also worked on the bases of my old Vypers. I applied the brown texture paint and then hit it with a dark wash. I also did the same for three of my old Jetbikes, which I'll be happy are going away soon.
I converted the riders but even so I hate the old Jetbikes. I so hope the new Windrider Jetbikes look awesome. A Jetbike army could be super strong with how fast they are now.

The Avengers are almost done, just a few more touches. That and I need to finish up the bases. Once all the bases done the army I'm going to take to the 1K Tourney will be fully painted. It's a small Tourney and I figured it will be the final battle before the new Dex. It will be a tough one at 1K, but a tough fight is always fun. Well as long as my dice don't screw me haha...

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