Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's all in how you hold it

Yesterday my friend Sean asked me what I used to hold my bits. And I figured it would be a good post if people were also looking for something to hold their bits. Hmmmmm, That sounds kinda dirty. I have a ton of different containers which I've picked up over the years and it seems that I can't pass a new one by without buying it. But I'll go over my two fav's at the moment.

I've been using these for a bit.
"Really Useful Box" which I picked up at Staples. Haha very ingenious name .. but they are at least so I can't really fault them. I'm sure they are other places as well but that is the only place I've seen them. They come in a number of different sizes and they are stackable. They are ok with cost, a little cheaper would be nice.
They lock pretty well and hold a good bit.
They are nice for a large amount of stuff but they don't really separate the bits if you want to get more granular.

A few months ago while picking up some storage containers at Target I came across these.
These are made by "Snapware". They are sold in threes, they also come with one removable divider that can separate in six compartments. I separate arms, legs and other assorted bits in the compartments to speed up building and because i'm a tad OCD. They can also keep stacking up if you buy more so you can adjust the size of them as a whole to fit into whatever shelf you choose.
They are pretty decently priced and in the states Targets are pretty regularly available. Originally I on't saw them in green but now they come in black/grey as well.

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