Thursday, December 19, 2013

Walking Tall

So it looks like I picked the perfect time to get the Revenant done, well he's almost done at least. I've been looking at some of the reviews/rumors for Escalation and it seems the Revenant is one of the better Titans out there. He has numerous Str D weapons, is quick and has a shield that can defend against other Str D weapons. Hopefully I'll be getting the Escalation book from Santa this year so I can really dig into it. As I was building him I was thinking dag, he's mainly just going to sit on the shelf. But with the new expansion I will actually be able to get him into a few games, sure there might not be much else on the table but still haha. I wonder if I can squeeze him and two Wraithknights in a list 8) Would look pretty cool if nothing else!

I'm also hoping to get in a game of Apoc within the next few months if possible. I can field a pretty large force of Eldar so it should be a pretty large game. Either way I just want to get this guy on the table!

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