Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bail out!

Sadly last night I had to bail on my game with Evan, my daughter got sick again. She has had a rough month and it only really seems to happen when I have something planned. So maybe I need to stop making plans haha..

Had my boys all packed up in the car and ready to hit the table but they unfortunately just did a tour down to DC and back. My wife was hinting that she wanted me to cancel but wouldn’t ask me to, I guess she didn’t want to say it but she wanted me to come home. My daughter just laid on the couch with me and we watched Christmas movies. Her birthday is tomorrow so I hope she is feeling better for it.

I was going to test out a couple of units last night, mainly the Swooping Hawks, they look good but I really want to see how they perform. I think I realized the night before that I only had eight Hawks built and painted (mostly bad, they are very old (1991)and had limited paints back then). I really wanted to field test them and see how they did but alas it will have to wait for another day. Either way I think they will be the next unit I finish up. I probably have 15 sitting ready to be built but I want to convert all the wings like this guy. 

This was one of the first conversions I did back in 93 I think. Tough using metal wings haha. I went on eBay and bought a bunch of them for cheap waiting for the day I’d start converting all of them to run the spread wings. I was thinking about making one more set and trying to mold them so I wouldn't have to build at least nine more of them haha.. 

I also wanted to try the Fire Prism, I know a lot of people are running them and for the points they got a big boost. So far the Night Spinner has been doing well when I used it, nice to have a barrage weapon to hide and drop some pain on people.

I haven't been able to get to the painting table in a couple of days, I'm hoping tonight I'll actually be able to get something done!

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